Take Action: Speak Up for our Wild Forests!

Dear AWA Supporter:

The Adirondack Park Agency is currently reviewing their policy on roads in Wild Forest areas and holding a public comment period on their proposed alternatives. Roads are a critical topic for AWA: no issue in the Adirondack Park more affects our core mission to preserve and increase remoteness and solitude.

In an ever more developed world, this is an issue of global importance, as few places on Earth are more than three miles from a road. Even in our magnificent Forest Preserve, only a small amount of public land is more than three miles from a road or snowmobile trail.

Unfortunately, the APA seems anxious to give itself a “road budget” by seeking public approval for reinterpretation of the “no material increase” guidance that has attempted to cap the amount of motorized roads and trails in the Adirondack Forest Preserve since 1972. By posing it as a question that requires public response, the Agency seems to be manipulating the outcome toward a “compromise” that, regardless of the specifics, will permit more motorized uses in the Forest Preserve than currently allowed.

You can follow the links elsewhere on this page to learn more about our thoughts on this topic, as well as review the official state documents. But if you wish to contribute to our effort by sending a message to the APA, here are two options.

Comments are due to the APA by July 12th.

Option 1: Send Your Own Offline Message

The public is invited to submit written comments in defense of remoteness and solitude to:

Megan Phillips, Deputy Director for Planning

Adirondack Park Agency

P.O. Box 99

Ray Brook, NY 12977

Phone: (518) 891-4050

Email: SLMP_UMP_Comments@apa.ny.gov

Tell the APA that they must prioritize preservation of Wild Forest character, remoteness and solitude by focusing on motorized use, not mileage, and rejecting any interpretation of “no material increase” that allows more roads in our Wild Forest areas.

Option 2: Send Our Pre-Formatted Letter Below

With the click of a button, you can send these comments directly to the APA—adding your voice to the official record.

Use this comment generator to quickly and easily send an email to the APA.

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