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Now is the perfect opportunity to support what matters! This year, AWA has been working to protect the Adirondacks by advocating for your interests on the High Peaks Strategic Planning Advisory Group; creating a visitor use app to educate recreationalists and collect data for local land managers; and working to restore access to Cathead Mountain, an action which could lead to a significant boundary expansion of the Silver Lake Wilderness. But we can’t do this without you! Your gift will support our mission of promoting the knowledge, enjoyment, expansion, and protection of the Adirondack Park’s wildest places.


Sharing the benefits of wilderness to both human and natural communities.


Promoting the enjoyment of all Adirondack lands and waters through responsible low-impact recreation.


Advocating for the expansion of key wilderness areas in the Adirondack Park.


Serving as a voice for the protection of the Adirondack Park.

Mourning the Loss of Robbi


As the weeks have ticked by, it’s hard to put into words the loss that the Adirondack community has been facing with the passing of Robbi Mecus. She meant so much to so many people; touching the lives of LGBTQ+, climbers, outdoors enthusiasts, those who worked with her and who loved her.

Wild Thoughts Podcast #7: Adirondack Land Trust


In the seventh installation of AWA’s “Wild Thoughts Podcast,” Pete Nelson and Kayla White discuss current efforts in Adirondack land conservation with Connie Prickett and Chris Jage of the Adirondack Land Trust. What does the trust do, how do they preserve ecological integrity, and are conservation easements less ironclad than “Forever Wild”?

Keep Debar Pond Forever Wild

News, Opinion, Protection

Debar Pond and its associated buildings are the subject of what might soon become the next amendment to Article XIV, the “forever wild clause” to the New York State constitution that has made the Forest Preserve uniquely protected since 1894.

Ski Jenkins!


Beginning with the 2022-2023 winter season, the Jenkins Mountain Open Woods Ski Zone is open to backcountry skiers! These trails represent the first officially-maintained backcountry ski zone in the Adirondacks outside of Gore and Whiteface.

Visitor Use Management

Adirondack Wilderness Advocates is working with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, local governments, and other partners to push for a comprehensive visitor use management plan for the High Peaks Region.

Explore the Wilderness!

The wilderness areas of the Adirondack Park are huge and protect many distinct habitats. Get started on your next adventure by learning about each area! Download vintage topographic maps, read historical texts, learn about the management concerns — and more. New area descriptions added frequently!