Wilderness Webinars

In 2021, we launched our “Wilderness Webinar” series, an interactive forum on critical issues in Adirondack Wilderness protection. Each will feature a short presentation of the scheduled topic, followed by a question-and-answer session with webinar participants. The webinars will be free and open to the public.

Past “Wilderness Webinar” sessions may be viewed below.

“An App for Better Trailhead Data Management”

September 1, 2021. Long-time AWA member and board member Ari Epstein walked through the proof-of-concept Visitor Use Management Tool he has been developing, which could someday be implemented at popular trailheads to support adaptive management in and around the Adirondack Park.

Ari, who works in public sector data management and innovation, talked about what we have accomplished so far and how this tool could be used in collaboration with organizations within and beyond the Adirondack Park. He discussed how this tool fits into an array of efforts that seek to enhance the wild character of the Forest Preserve through better monitoring, visitor education, and rapid adaptation.

“All About the HPAG Report”

May 26, 2021. In the inaugural Wilderness Webinar, AWA Board member and High Peaks Advisory Group (HPAG) member Pete Nelson talked about the recently released HPAG Final Report. He gave a brief overview of the most important topics both in the report and in the actions taken since its release, then opened the floor to question and answer session. Topics included:

  • Three big themes in the HPAG report
  • Media Misconceptions
  • AWA’s HPAG priorities
  • The HPAG Report’s relationship to the new  AMR/DEC Hiker Reservation system Permit pilot and Route 73 parking restrictions
  • How to make and measure progress on the report’s recommendations.