Wild Thoughts Podcast #5: The Importance of Advocacy

In this installment of the Wild Thoughts Podcast, Craig McGowan interviews AWA cofounders Pete Nelson and Bill Ingersoll about the importance of wilderness advocacy in the Adirondacks. What is it, and how has it shaped the history of the Adirondack Park? Learn what motivates advocates to become active in regional affairs, as well as how they foresee their roles evolving in the future. Are you a wilderness advocate too? If so, find some tips on how you can get involved!

This video podcast series is a new undertaking for us, and with your support we hope to grow it into an entertaining and informative resource for all things Adirondack wilderness. Please share your thoughts and feedback, and remember that we are a small grassroots organization with a small budget and big ambitions. If you like what you’ve seen, please consider making a financial contribution using our Donate button. Every bit helps us advance our mission!

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