Wild Thoughts Podcast #6: Strange Natures

In the sixth installation of AWA’s “Wild Thoughts Podcast,” Bill Ingersoll, Kayla White, and Pete Nelson discuss “Strange Natures: Conservation in the Era of Synthetic Biology” written by Kent H Redford & William M Adams, published in 2021 by Yale University Press. Nature almost everywhere survives on human terms. The distinction between what is natural and what is human-made, which has informed conservation for centuries, has become blurred. When scientists can reshape genes more or less at will, what does it mean to conserve nature? The authors of this book turn to synthetic biology, ecological restoration, political ecology, and de-extinction studies and propose a thoroughly innovative vision for protecting nature.

In this half-hour conversation, Kayla, Pete, and Bill share their reactions to this thought-provoking and sometimes controversial book.

Links to Topics Discussed in the Podcast

As we draw towards the end of 2023, we are wrapping up our first year as podcasters! The “Wild Thoughts” series is a new undertaking for AWA, and with your support we hope to grow it into an entertaining and informative resource for all things Adirondack wilderness. Please share your thoughts and feedback, and remember that we are a small grassroots organization with a small budget and big ambitions. If you like what you’ve seen, please consider making a financial contribution using our Donate button. Every bit helps us advance our mission!

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